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Government policy is to create a national economy based on private enterprise, devoid of monopolies. Consistent with his is the objective of ensuring the rapid growth of industries, utilising indigenous raw materials as much as possible. TO this end the private sector has a leading role to play on the basis of competition in a free economy.

The years 1991 and 1992 were nominated Years of Industry. A master plan for industrial development (1991 - 2005), was prepared by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). The plan projects a growth od about 12.9% per annum during the current Fourth Five-Year Plan (1191 - 1995) and around 10% in the Fitth Plan (1196 - 2000). Recently, an industrial master plan has been prepared, by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Their final report recommends a growth rate of 13% and 13.5% per a annum for the manufacturing sector during the Fifth and Sixth Five Year Development Plans respectively.

As a part of essential infrastructure to be provided to the manufacturing industries, a planned programme for establishing fully serviced industrial estates has been implemented. Phase I of this programme was the setting up in 1983 of an industrial estate in Rusayl, situated about 60 kms from the capital.

In 1987 action was initiated to study, plan and design two industrial estates: a Sohar in the north and Raysut in the south. In 1993 Phase I of the Sohar Industrial Estate was completed, involving the development of 39 hectares of land, divided into 68 industrial plots, provided with all the essential utilities and facilities, as weel as the construction of eight advance factories and administrative buildings.

During 1993, work on Phase I of the Raysut Industrial Estate was completed. This Phase included the development of 31 hectares of land, divided into 56 industrial plots supplied with all the essential utilities and facilities, as well as six advance factories and administrative buildings. During the same year a consultant was appointed to study and plan an industrial estate at Nizwa in the Interior with an area of *0 hectares, 26 hectares of which would be developed in Phace I. In the following year Phase I of the Nizwa Industrial Estate was completed with all essential utilities and administrative offices. Studies industrial astates at Sur in the south-east, Buraimi in the Interior and Khasab in the north-west.

Working towards a diversified economy.





(C) 9/1997 Abdulkarim K. Sonya AL-Zadjali